Distribuzione e produzione di viteria e tiranteria

15 years of experience

Founded in 2015 by professionals with 15 years' experience in the sector, LD Global Fasteners specialises in the production and marketing of screws and bolts. Flexibility, dynamism and competitiveness are the characteristics that set us apart.

Our best offer

In the screws and bolts sector, we produce and distribute both standard products according to European and world standards, and special products made to customer specifications. Efficiency and quality guaranteed by high ISO 9001 standards.

Our Products

Standard Products

We have a complete range of standardised screws according to the main standards including: DIN 931 - DIN 933 - DIN 960 - DIN 961 - DIN 912 - DIN 7991 - DIN 6914 - DIN 6915 - DIN 9616 - EN 14399 - DIN 934 - UNI 5587 in different strength classes: 8.8 - 10.9 - 12.9, always available in stock.

All products are guaranteed by the LD Global FASTENERS brand, which has always been synonymous with quality.

Special Products

Thanks to our experience in this field, we are able to produce special parts that meet the most diverse customer requirements.

The high level of professionalism and competence of our team is constantly at the service of our customers, guaranteeing them full technical and commercial support.

What we can produce for you

  • Captive DIN 938/939/835
  • Hexagon head screw with flange DIN 6921
  • Hexagon head screw DIN 933/931
  • Low head screw DIN 7984
  • Round-head screw with under-head square DIN 603
  • Tie rods and threaded rods DIN 975 and 976
  • Bolts and fasteners to ASTM A193 and A320 standards
  • Unc and Unf bolts B7 - L7 - B7M - L7M - B8 - B8M - B8T - GRADE 8 - GRADE 2H
  • Special parts according to drawing
  • Hexagon nuts - self-locking nuts, crown nuts DIN 935, flange nuts DIN 6923


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Fields of application

We manufacture and market screws and bolts that are used in a wide variety of sectors in the mechanical engineering industry, such as earth-moving machinery, agricultural machinery, shipyard construction, infrastructure and heavy industry in general.

LD Global FASTENERS products are also well established in more critical sectors such as wind energy and automotive where absolute precision is required, 100% guaranteed by LD Global FASTENERS.

Warehousing and shipping

We offer an increasingly fast and precise service to meet today's needs.

Frequently asked questions

What are typical delivery times?

In general, the delivery time is 5 days for standard products, and 4 weeks for special products.

Is it possible to divide the goods according to orders?

Yes, it is possible to divide the goods according to different orders.

Are you ISO 9001 certified?

Si, LD Global FASTENERS è certificata ISO 9001, un’importante certificazione che ci permette di garantire standard qualitativi elevati.

Can you treat the various parts for greater corrosion resistance?

Of course, both cold galvanisation and hot-rolled or geomet, as well as the various XYLAN and PTFE.

Are you willing to be our warehouse?

Yes, it is a service we offer against a scheduled order. We can decide together on deliveries to lock in prices.

Are you able to make kits?

Of course! We can bag your parts to create a customised kit with its own barcode.

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